PRESS RELEASE: True Omni introduces Touchless Kiosk Control feature

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True Omni introduces Touchless Kiosk Control feature

By Doug Ralston

By Doug Ralston

Scottsdale, AZ .- March 8th, 2022 – True Omni, a Scottsdale, AZ-based interactive experience company, has introduced its Mobile Control touchless feature for all their interactive solutions. Included as a feature within all signage products and included in the OmniPlatform for easy deployment and management    

The Touchless Kiosk Control solution allows users to control any digital signage solution using any OS on a mobile device. Users access TKC via a web-based app, and with a QR code scan, can interact with the display from their mobile web browser with no application install or download required.

TKC ensures options for customers who are looking to eliminate hygiene risks by reducing touchpoints. TKC allows the ability for users to decide how they want to engage, and for them to leverage their own personal devices to do so.  “True Omni is and will always be about allowing users to make their own decision on engagement, allowing our customers to use omnichannel  tools to ensure consistency and validity of their content and products that they share across any device”,  says Douglas Ralston, CEO of True Omni.

For more information on the suite of services and solutions True Omni provides setup a demo, whether you’re looking for automation, deeper engagement or opening new revenue channels we can help.

About True Omni:

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, TrueOmni is a SaaS-based Omnichannel Platform company, focused on providing easy-to-use turnkey interactive solutions for on-property and virtual environments.  With some of the biggest brands in the world utilizing True Omni’s engagement platform, TrueOmni provides consistent, easy-to-deploy, and manage software and hardware solutions while connecting turnkey content and self-service tools to any device.