Mobile for
Travel & Tourism

Engage Travelers and Improve Efficiency

Mobile is the leading device for traveler exploration, booking and information.
Ensure your investment is built for the next generation of travelers.

Custom-Designed Mobile

Native or Browser based applications provide app store and direct download options to ensure your products get used!

Data integration

Easy open integration with your existing CRM, CMS or PoS systems. Leverage advanced cloud-based MicroServices.

Ticketing & Advertising

Provide easy calls to action and ensure conversions for local attractions and businesses.

Interactive Trails &
Scavenger Hunt

Integrate specialized trails from hiking, ale trails, historic connecting rich content and cultural based information.

Social & Local integration

Integrated social media features, UGC and marketing content to connect locals and visitors.

Itinerary Builder

Create preset and custom itineraries to personalize the visitor experience while connecting deeper to local suggestions.

Trolley & Bus Tracker

Connect live trolley and bus update and tracking for easier transportation options, and ways to drive sustainability.

Coupons & Deals

Collaborate with local merchants and boost sales through special deals and coupons, provide redemption and tracking.

Menus & Reservations

Provide updated menus and ordering options, connect to food ordering services and make reservations through OpenTable.

82% of travelers use more than one device during their travels,
90% search for local suggestions and content while in destination.

Mobile Connects Travelers

Native apps are no longer the only game in town, browser based applications allow users to click on a link and unlock app based functionality without app store downloads.

Core functionality you will want to consider as you
select a provider.

Choose the right mobile format for your users, OmniPlatform can provide both web and native solutions that can share common design and data forms. Using existing CMS systems and separate mobile platforms cause data issues, notification challenges and increase the amount of time your staff needs to be involved.

OmniMobile connects your current CRM, CMS and data systems to ensure a consistent traveler experience and a clear way for your team to be efficient and effective when launching mobile tools for your visitors.

Give Visitors the Right Options
Pre, During, and Post Arrival

Mobile gets used and visitors want well designed and integrated tools on their phone and tablets that inspire, help and connect personal experiences.

Custom Designed


Hardware connection



Build an App as Unique
as your Destination

Boost your marketing and revenue strategy, strategically connect with your travelers needs.


  • Notifications
  • Geofencing
  • Advertising
  • Ticketing
  • Itinerary Builder
  • Interactive Trails
  • Social & Local Content
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Video & Live Feeds
  • Coupons and Deals
  • Trolley & Bus Tracker
  • Analytics

Extensions & Integrations

Drive deeper engagement through Mobile, Touch, Digital Signage, Web, and Social with our wide range of extendable travel modules. Initially integrate any of extensions or 3rd party products to improve communication and drive product usability.



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