Digital Signage
for Retail

Smart and Affordable Management

Digital engagement is not a nice-to-have, it’s a requirement.
Signage increases sales, brand perception and attracts customers to your store.

Integrate to Any Hardware

Use existing or select the right hardware for your store, in most cases no media players or cabling required.

Branded Design that Profits

Connect a unique digital experience with your brand by connecting online and in-store imagery and product information.

Social User Generated

Provide social by location, product and promotion. Connect your social spend with your instore engagement.

Data Integration

Easily connect to existing CMS, CRM and data systems and provide real time updates and content information without the hassle and management.

Centralized Management

Control and see any screen anywhere in the world real time, ensure your team has the tools to schedule campaigns, advertising and connect the marketing dots.

New Generation

Easy cloud-based services allow notification, live feeds, information and a host of content that attracts your customer and provides the engagement they desire.

Visual Shopping Experience

You may have a TV in your store, but chances are you don’t have a marketing tool. It’s time to upgrade!

The OmniPlatform allows you to leverage existing hardware or implement new, that turns your store into a marketing and sales machine.

Provide real-time, location-based, and even personalized content
across any screen. Help your staff sell more and ensure your brand connects with your customer’s needs.

Digital signage creates a 46% increase in customer satisfaction. Digital signage bumps up the average purchase amount by 29.5%

Managed Content Marketing.

The days of manual uploads, USB stick, and installing software on PC’s is over, step up to the omnichannel.
OmniPlatform delivers the right hardware and software direct to your door, with installation and ongoing support included.

You have only a few options, make the right one!

You can buy home TVs or pay an overpriced AV company but neither of the options will give you the right features or pricing you should expect. Make the decision the biggest brands in the world have. Get a cloud-based solution with robust commercial quality guaranteed, build your own retail selling machine. We ensure the right product, right location, and content, giving you and your control and efficiency.

Omnichannel is the Retail Channel

Increase your brand recognition, connect online
and in-store customers with purpose-built signage

We Make you Look Good

Affordable, purpose selected digital signage ensures you made the right decision for years to come.
Want to save money? Purchase the right solution for your business.

Custom Designed





Encourage Exploration & Brand Relevance

Streamlined easy to manage, custom designed options
puts the power in your creative hands.

Hardware Solutions

  • Video Walls
  • Monitors
  • Outdoor Signage
  • Cameras
  • Custom built ins
  • Interactive Windows

Software Solutions

  • Centralized scheduling
  • Hardware monitoring
  • Build your own designs
  • Social Media/UGC
  • Live streaming
  • Local information

Software and Modules that Evolve

The software is as important as the hardware, ensure they talk to each other. With the OmniPlatform,
our software loads directly onto any Samsung or LG device.  Providing better performance and monitoring.

Social Imagery








Extensions & Integrations

Integrate to your existing system in one platform

We provide the tools to efficiently and effectively manage dynamic
content across all digital marketing channels

built modules that easily integrate into any of
our product lines, and extend out tools to
existing products that drive deeper
engagement into Mobile, Touch, Digital
Signage, Web, and Social