PRESS RELEASE: True Omni’s Digital Visitor Services Ambassador Program

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True Omni launches their Digital Visitor Services Ambassador Program

By Erin Rheinschild

By Erin Rheinschild

Scottsdale, AZ. – November 15th, 2021 – TrueOmni, a Scottsdale, AZ-based interactive experience company, is launching a Digital Visitor Services Ambassador training program to support the recovery of the tourism industry post-pandemic. This program will enable TrueOmni to deepen partnerships with destinations to empower the hospitality community as brand champions, connecting visitors with digital interactive experiences to drive increased engagement and loyalty. 

The key to a digital ambassador’s role is to understand the changing visitor needs and behaviors in a post-pandemic world, and evangelize innovative multi-device content that reduces inconveniences and increases connection with personalized content. True Omni partner destinations have the ability to engage with visitors in a consistent and centralized platform on any device from Display, Touch to Mobile.

“With the rise in demand from travelers for on-demand 24/7, interactive, and contactless options, destinations have an opportunity to drive better visitor experiences by taking a page from the retail, attractions, and hospitality industries – as well as international visitor centers”, says Douglas Ralston, CEO of TrueOmni. “We are very excited about the opportunity to partner with destinations to mobilize the front-line to champion new experience options and drive digital engagement.”

True Omni will launch the first edition of the program with Maine Tourism and Louisiana Travel in support of these states’ commitment to modernizing their visitor experience and Welcome Centers. The program will consist of training existing staff on the changes in visitor preference and how to complement existing engagement tactics to use more digital forms of engagement.  Coupled with training on Interactive Kiosks, Mobile connectivity, and Digital Signage awareness programs. 

“Maine’s goal is to always be connected with travelers’ needs and to tell the Maine story consistently….We continue to leverage True Omni’s omnichannel platform to think of new ways to evolve, protect and increase convenience for people visiting our state. Partnering with them to upskill our front-line team to engage digitally and further our sustainability goal to reduce paper was a natural next step.” says Tony Cameron, Maine Tourism.

True Omni will continue to evolve the Digital Visitor Services Ambassador program over time, including plans for online training delivery, certification, and passport-driven in-destination product training in collaboration with key industry partners.


About Maine Tourism: The Great Pine Tree state is not only known for its iconic lighthouses and lobsters but also their wild uncharted expanses and cruises that are best for family getaways. 2018 was a strong tourist year increasing lodging, cruise line, and campground bookings. With a 3,748-mile coastline, summer seems to be the strongest time of the year as both sightseeing, kayaking, wind jamming, and nature exploration tops their visitor’s itineraries.

About Travel Louisiana: The birthplace of Jazz, is not only known for the greatest Mardi Gras celebrations, but also for world-class premiere multicultural history. Whether it’s exploring the deep Southern swamplands, partying to live Cajun music, exploring, camping or tasting Creole culinary flavors – Louisiana has it. From a record breaking 51.3 million visitors in 2018, Louisiana is expected to drive more tourists as they strategize new ways in promoting their local tourist spots

 About TrueOmni: TrueOmni is a Scottsdale, Arizona-based Omnichannel Platform company, focused on providing easy-to-use turnkey interactive solutions for on-location engagement services. With some of the biggest brands in the world utilizing TrueOmni’s engagement platform, we focus on consistent turnkey content delivery for our partners such as LG, Microsoft, Apple, Android and many other software platforms.; 833-300-6664