Connect your existing systems while providing easy to
manage content, data, and device control
through the cloud from any device.


Built exclusively for the industries we serve to provide affordable and advanced self-service and omnichannel experiences, ensuring ease of  device system and content control.

Elevate the Customer Experience
A foundational solution that ensures your organization and team can compete and provide the right digital interactive tools customers want. With the OmniPlatform, we utilize your existing systems to enhance not disrupt your business, providing hardware, software and content management tools that personalize digital experiences.

90% of customers expect consistent interactions across channels

Elevate Customer Communication

Provide real-time communication tools, that allow customers to engage through any device and media channel as they see fit. Connect social networks, informational content and ensure convenience in providing tools that allow customers to build their own journey.

Content & Experience Control

With OmniData tools content is updated on any device by location and time of day.
Connecting the right message and promotion to the right customer.
Allowing precise customer journey experiences and consistent brand control.

OMNI Analytics

Included in the OmniPlatform are purpose-built data and analytic tools to ensure you learn by device how your customers engage and how you can provide a higher level of service.

With our open-source API’s your organization can collect device data directly into existing analytic systems. Providing centralized control of navigational and preference-based user data. With the Omni Profile engine, you can connect internal systems directly to device-based analytics to improve marketing and customer service performance.

OmniChannel Control

Deploy and Manage hardware and software solutions through any device or operating system.

As you deploy more customer facing tools across devices the OmniPlatform allows you to integrate API’s, Microservices and Modules that extend self-service solutions directly to customers; giving your staff a centralized platform to connect new customer communication options, deeper analytics while driving customer satisfaction. No other system on the market can combine device and content control while leveraging your current systems affordably.