Health Mobile

Centralized Cloud-based Mobile
Management Solution

Easy options to deploy mobile for health information, product information or access
control managed through True Access Portal.

Forms & Surveys

Providing instant information and question options for pre-arrival control.

Easy Pay Options

Integrate payment options, ticketing and booking prior to arrival or reservations.

AI & Chatbots

Help attendees and guests get real time information 24x7.

Custom Design

Each app can be customized by look and feel to ensure a consistent and manageable experience.

Health Access

Convenient prescriptions, refills and ways to help and sustain health options and accessibility.

Gamification of Procedures

Gamification of procedures, therapy and other necessary post-visit or post-op to keep the patients engaged.

Social Connections

Social Media and #hashtags for patients to connect, learn, and engage both with doctors and their immediate network

Health & Protection

Health and protection technology, providing less friction, more efficient and safer levels of care.

Alerts & Notifications

Geo-based reminders, scheduling, and other ways to connect to ongoing health messaging.

Complete your Solution by
adding App + Data

Health & Safety App

Built to connect to existing HMS and health systems, providing convenient patient and customer access.


  • Video Conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • AI & Chatbots
  • Data & Analytics tracking
  • Surveys
  • Scheduling & Calendar
  • eCommerce
  • HMS Integration

Extensions & Integrations

Healthcare designed modules that easily integrate into any of our product lines, and extend out tools to existing products that drive deeper engagement into Mobile, Touch, Digital Signage, Web, and Social.

ui ux design


Staff connect

video conferencing

data integration

Facial Recognition

Omni profiles