Digital Signage
for Hospitality

Smart marketing to engage and protect Guests

Drive awareness and increase hotel brand perception with real-time video, imagery, and social. Engage, Protect and Drive Revenue.

Rich Content and Design

Real-time content customized to your brand and cloud-based for easy update through any device. Ensure you are getting the right message at the right time and location.

Advertising & Awareness

Increase revenue and exposure to hotel amenities with integrated advertising solutions. Build new revenue channels with partners and easily update and manage by location.

Social & Local

Show and display social content in real-time, through hashtags and user-generated content. Connect social advertising and easily manage new marketing channels.

System & Data Integration

Dynamically manage content on your TVs and signages through the cloud while connecting to existing CRM and CMS systems in real-time.

Travel Information Platform

Display transportation information, alerts, weather, and news to help your guests navigate and prepare. Ensure each screen drives value and brand connection.

Smart Screen & Beacons

Load the Omni app directly on any Samsung, LG, or NEC smart display. Reduce costs of implementation, support, and simplify management of connected devices.

Digital Signage Drives Revenue

Upgrade or improve your lobbies and meeting spaces with marketing integrated visuals.

Drive more awareness and revenue by connecting hotel amenities, events, and things to do in a robust visual and digital format.

Drive better brand experiences and engage guests with real-time local information, things to do, and social content on any device.

59% of those who see digital signage content want to learn more about the product or topic.

Digital Signage Engages Guests and Staff Alike

Properly placed signage creates positive experiences from perceptions of
wait times, to ways to train and alert staff.

With OmniPlatform you control all of your signage directly from the cloud, accessible from any device.

Your staff can now program specific content by location and time of day. Provide better safety flow of guests and notify in advance areas that are closed or options to consider. Each signage location provides new ways to drive experience 24×7 with real-time information on things that matter for your guests and staff. Simply put the OmniPlatform provides you with tools to inform and connect easily and affordably.

How to implement a perfect marketing channel?

Connect existing web systems, or load content directly into the OmniPlatform making it easy for anyone to schedule and push unique and relevant imagery, video and social that captures guest engagement.

Signage drives sales and boosts margins

Guests and customers are 72% more likely to act on a message and 68% have purchased based on what they have seen on digital signage.

Custom Designed





Encourage Exploration & Connect to Travelers

Easily utilize existing devices or implement new signage and video walls that are simple and affordable to deploy and manage.

Hardware Solutions

  • Custom Video Walls
  • App loads on Smart TV’s
  • Commercial Grade: Samsung/LG
  • Optional Touchscreen
  • Indoor or Outdoor

Software Solutions

  • Advertising Options
  • Social Walls
  • Event & Meeting info
  • Centralized platform
  • Easy management and monitoring

Modules and Extensions

Select from prebuilt modules that connect into any size signage solution. Provide a connected solution throughout your hotel experience through Mobile, Interactive and Digital Signage.

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