Cloudbeds Integration Guide

Signing up for True Omni:
Before adding any of our applications to your Cloudbeds account, you will need to:

  • Put in your email at get started section on top of page
    • Or you can you set up your OmniPlatform account, please email
      • Available M-F, 9am to 5pm MST USA
      • Average response time is by the next business day
  • We will help you select the right automation tools to get the most of Cloudbeds and contactless digital options
    • Mobile
      • Mobile or Kiosk Check in and Check out
      • Upgrades and purchase of hotel items
      • Concierge type of information
      • Mapping /Wayfinding
    • Kiosk
      • Check In – Check out
      • Plastic key or Bracelet
      • Upgrades and amenity purchase
      • Mapping/Wayfinding

Connecting True Omni Solution with Cloudbeds integration for the first time:

  • Once you select your service (Mobile or Kiosk)
    • An Omni Representative will reach out to schedule a walk through on product type and key goals of your product.
    • A request for access to your Cloudbeds account will be made
    • Omni will help configure your account and link to the Cloudbeds marketplace for ongoing support
    • At this point we will work to provide a branded design for your product and start testing the features to setup a time to review
      • Note if hardware is selected we will review hardware options with you as well as any branding and delivery instructions
  • Once product is tested we will train you on the Omni Platform  which is where you will manage your product and any specifics to the product you have selected.
  • True Omni will add the Cloudbeds API  into your application
  • True Omni will test the API and Cloudbeds integration to ensure all features are working within Cloudbeds
  • For reference all starting details are located at CloudBeds Marketplace of Integrations and Partners page
  • The True Omni application may require specific access to the some of the hotel guest’s information and more:
    • Confirm with your True Omni representative, and accept the terms and conditions.

By clicking on “Approve”, you grant permissions to True Omni over your Cloudbeds account. 

Specific functionality of the integration:

  • Whenever a reservation is made through Cloudbeds, the guest’s mobile number will be stored within the reservation
  • The guests will have the ability to check in and check out directly through their mobile device via the app. 
  • The True Omni platform will receive data about bookings, stays, and guests from your Cloudbeds account.
  • You will be able to issue mobile keys to your guests without having to add guests and their bookings into our system separately.

Disconnecting the applications:

  • To disconnect our application from your Cloudbeds account, please contact True Omni support at and request your integration to be deactivated. 
  • Alternatively, apps can always be disconnected from your Cloudbeds account through ‘myfrontdesk’. Please click here to disconnect our application from your Cloudbeds account

True Omni Support and FAQ